Axe Bat Short Trainer powered by Driveline You asked for it, we delivered. Axe Bat Elite Hybrid BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat Competition is always a challenge and getting the best axe bat to beat your opponent down is the best strategy ever. New Victus Birch Axe Vcut 32”/29oz Wood Baseball Bat. Oh boy. The Short Trainer is a 28"/31oz alloy 2-5/8" bat that can be used with a live pitch! The increased length and weight of the bat helps you get a better feel for how … 95% off with Axe Bat . 100% Success; share; GET DEAL . Improves performance based on bat handle kinematics and enhanced grip stability. Taking a step and adding momentum to the swing can get the hitter a feel for increased bat speed as well as rhythm with his swing and with the pitcher. Because of the Axe Bat handle design, these training bats are specifically reinforced to allow for years of hits. Sign up here: DrivelinePLUS. Developed using the latest concepts in overload-underload training, it is backed by both independent research and studies conducted in our fully configured biomechanics lab. Our premium overload/underload bats, combined with guided training by Driveline Baseball, can be used in-season or out-of-season to help high-school and college hitters improve bat speed and performance. Driveline Baseball designs axe’s curriculum. Under, Hand, and Over load bats designed to help create increase bat speed, control, and power. These bats not only help train the body to move at a faster rate by improving … The Axe Bat Speed Trainer is a set of durable over-/underload training bats that includes proven year-round hitting programs from Driveline Baseball. $299.99 Axe Bat Youth Speed Trainers Hitting System (2 Bat Set) with Driveline Training Program. – 2 20% OVERLOAD BATS. Delivers more efficient power from the hands to the bat, through reduced tension. Showing all 2 results Driveline Hitting + Arm Care Team Package $ 2,300.00 Select ... Driveline Team Axe Bat Speed System $ 1,680.00 Select options; My Cart. Our guys are understanding how to move the overload bat quicker without muscling it and are suprised with how fast their bodies can move with the underload bat. 259 Used Today. We will drop ship your bat or bats to you. The Axe Bat Short Trainer is a great training tool for any hitter that struggles with these characteristics. $299.99 Driveline Hitting PlyoCare Balls - Weighted Balls for Baseball Hitting Training. You get an 8-week weighted ball eBook and one email each Sunday with the best of our research. DEAL. Anyone who is serious about developing better movements and wants an edge in the batters box should look into the Axe Bat Speed Trainers.”, -Sean Moore, Hitting Coach at University of Iowa. Hitters at Driveline swing all Axe Bat or they train using a mix of handles and swing a round-knob game bat. … These weighted training bats come with easy-to-follow drills, complete with illustrations, instructions, and a clearly defined training schedule for using each of the three weighted Axe Bat Speed Trainers to help you understand exactly what to do to improve exit velocity. 209 Used Today. The subgroup of hitters that trained with Axe Bats in our study but tested with round-knob bats performed slightly worse in total than the group, but not at a significant level. This is the first time we have been able to use an underload bat that is 20% lighter, has a normal size barrel and can be used without denting or cracking the barrel. Driveline Baseball designs axe’s curriculum. Sale price $354.99 Regular price $445.99 You save 20%. Whether you are a parent, player, team, or Organization we can help you out! Driveline Baseball’s bat speed program serves as the perfect complement.

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