Price $0.00. Einka® is Bluebird Grain Farms own brand of einkorn products- our Einka® brand einkorn is always organically produced, grown by our team of family farmers in eastern Washington, and 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density. LEARN MORE. 4.7 out of 5 stars 51. It's an untouched, un hybridized grain that dates back more than 5000 year ago and most likely back to the beginning of the fertil crescent. Its low gluten content and essential nutrients, along with its abundance in vitamins and minerals, have made it increasingly popular. We hope to see you at our local markets and events. products to you knowing they're non-GMO &, conversations with our customers we found that not using synthetic, is becoming exceeding important in their day-to-day purchases. Currently available only to Idaho residents but we are. One of the many questions we receive: "What is it?". Customers love it but many have been asking for a whole grain einkorn flour. Archaeological evidence suggest einkorn was first domesticated in southeast Turkey. Einkorn wheat commonly grows wild in the hill country in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia although it has a wider distribution reaching into the Balkans and south to Jordan near the Dead Sea.It is a short variety of wild wheat, usually less than 70 centimetres (28 in) tall and is not very productive of edible seeds. The fun doesn't stop with organic. In comes a project years in the making at Bench View Farms...Einkorn. When you choose Farmer Direct Organic, you’re supporting a food future that is good for you, your family, your farmers and the planet. Einkorn Farro (Einkorn Wheat) Petite, soft and slightly sweet with faint vanilla tones, delicious hot or cold, whole or milled, superb in soups, pilafs, risottos, breads and more. We hope to see you at our local markets and events. Ancient Einkorn (also known in Italy as farro piccolo) is high in vitamins and nutrients, and contains a different type of gluten, which makes it a first choice for many who are gluten sensitive. 100% Organic Einkorn Traditional Fusilli . Our motivation is greatly influenced by our customers and you. Ancient grains are becoming more popular and the demand is increasing exponentially. Man's original wheat, grown in the USA by 5th generation farmers. There are many sources on the internet to guide you through the history, nutritional facts, and baking uses of einkorn. Like emmer and spelt, einkorn is a type of farro; an Italian term for “ancient hulled wheat.”. Tour our einkorn and lavender farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, and watch einkorn grain berries become some of your favorite Young Living einkorn products. Einkorn is the most original form of cultivated wheat. It doesn’t have the flavor or richness that you find in homemade pasta, made with freshly ground einkorn flour and eggs from the free range chickens. Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries This ancient grain is tastier, more nutritious and easier to digest than modern forms of wheat. This is also where we dehusk and package our einkorn wheat berries, so you are getting the freshest grains directly from the farmer. 12 oz. What are Heirloom Grains? Great Breakfast Quick View. Einkorn yields a fifth of modern wheat and reaches above 5 feet tall by the harvest in late July. The Bench View Farms name may be new to the community but our legacy is not. In, 2018 we partially met that goal with half the farm becoming certified. Stone Ground! You can make this in … The term einkorn is derived from the German language and interpreted to mean “single grain”. Now, we’re pleased to say it’s finally here…Not only is this certified USDA Organic and 100% whole grain einkorn flour but it is also fresh as it gets because we mill on our stone mill the same day it ships to you.Here’s how it works: 1. Ancient Einkorn is the most primitive form of wheat on Earth. We're committed to the exclusion of synthetic chemicals on our farm. SOURDOUGH STARTER. Organic Cracked Einkorn Cereal. 100% Organic Einkorn Traditional Fusilli . We are a 5th generation family owned and operated farm. Einka® is Bluebird Grain Farms own brand of einkorn products- our Einka® einkorn is always organically produced, grown by our team of family farmers in eastern Washington, and 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density. * While this is not a guarantee, if you've had health problems in the past with wheat it's always important to consult a physician before trying Einkorn. Be Still Farms Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries (5lb) Organic Farro Grain for Farro Flour - Einkorn Berries - Virgin Wheat - Organic Wheat Berries Bulk for Wheat Berry Bread - Bulk Farro Whole Grain. A decade has passed and the same farmers are still growing einkorn for Carla and Rodolfo. Einkorn wheat is GMO free, high in antioxidants and without the dangers of modified gluten that is found in modern all-purpose flour. appreciated. ON SALE Buy the einkorn cookbook, and save 25%! working diligently to make it a nation-wide treat. 100%. Out of stock. Since 2015 Bench View Farms has been on a quest to become organic certified. ... Organic Hard White Whole Wheat Berries. All of our farms are located in remote, pristine areas, and have ample land to adhere to a five-year rotation plan with forage and legumes. We're so pumped about Einkorn that we hope to provide more of these types of grains as time goes by. Being a wheat farm we are well aware of the many conflicts that come with wheat, speaking the "G" word -- gluten. 10 lb. 100%. While wheat has many great benefits, for some it just doesn't sit well with their health. Enjoy the world's oldest ancient grain in breads, baked goods, and farro salads or soups. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Please enter your email and select the news you'd like to receive, 41 NORWICH-WESTERLY ROAD NORTH STONINGTON, CT 06359, Privacy StatementCA Privacy StatementTerm & Conditions, Or submit your question and we'll be in touch shortly. When Carla and Rodolfo had the idea of growing einkorn wheat, there was very little of this grain being cultivated worldwide, so they had to coordinate the farming themselves. It is also much easier to digest than regular wheat. We understand that buying local and fresh is one thing, but buying local and. Einkorn wheat is known in taxonomy as either Triticum boeoticum (wild wheat), or Triticum monococcum (domesticated species). As for gluten, Einkorn has a different kind of gluten compared with modern wheat because it does not contain the D Genome, only the A genome. 4.5 oz. For Carla and Rodolfo, the einkorn farming project has been one of the most satisfying experiences of their life.

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