It is best remembered for its luscious ice cream filling complemented by two dark chocolate wafer biscuits. Needless to say, processed beans for fine-flavor chocolates fetch more than farmgate prices for commodity cacao. Compound chocolates are usually the ones used in commercially available chocolate bars; a dead giveaway would be the price of the chocolate product. More than just a drink, Philippine coffee also serves as a source of livelihood for local coffee farmers and manufacturers. In the Philippines, it’s cashew in these turrones! its story begins in Malagos, in the Baguio District of Davao. There is also no distinction as to the beans used in making compound chocolates. It will never be a substitute for any of the Western brands many have grown accustomed to because our flavors are uniquely Filipino and we are proud of that. What to try: Dark chocolate with Calamansi, Dark chocolate with green mango and salt, milk chocolate turon, milk chocolate adobo. Auro and Malagos both try and teach cacao farmers to level up their skills and technique through various initiatives. When the Puentespinas’ Malagos Agri-Ventures started in 2012, they sought out the help of experts and international NGOs whose advocacy was to help develop the cacao industry in equatorial countries. sampalok (tamarind), ube (purple yam), milon (cantaloupe), langka (jackfruit), kamyas (tree cucumber), pinasugbo (bananas), mangga (mango), luya (ginger), kundol (wintermelon), pakumbo (coconut), bukayo (coconut), panocha (sugar and peanuts) BRANDED HARD, CHEWY, SOFT & CHOCOLATEY CANDIES. Your email address will not be published. The five won awards in a broad stretch of categories, including bars, filled chocolates, drinking chocolate, chocolate spreads, and even packaging. This bean-to-bar chocolate fuses other local favorites into their bars. The company has seven products and features modest packaging and design, yet it took home two Bronzes and one Silver from the 2019 AOC. Goya Chocolates With efforts from the Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Agriculture to strengthen the Philippine cacao industry, we have no doubt that we’ll have quality supply to last us for years. made from Tree to Bar ????????????????. In 2018, Davao-based chocolate brand Malagos took home multiple awards from The Academy of Chocolate, one of the most competitive chocolate competitions in the world. How best to celebrate our independence by loving your own? ???? Who doesn’t love chocolate? “The first award we received helped us market the product, it really helped sales,” Puentespina said. I welcome the opportunity to work with our farmers and help create livelihood for them.”. Hiraya was named such because their products “bring joy to people, imparted with all the love, care, and passion from the moment of its creation.” The brand fosters a relationship with the farmers of Barangay Malabog, which is two hours away from Davao, where their cocoa is harvested. Lucky for us, the Philippines is one of the places where cacao, the plant that produces a fermented and fatty seed used for making chocolate, is harvested. Guides & Tips 11 Local Brands All Indonesians Love. Every country has their signatures chocolate bars, and here in the Philippines, Filipinos love their chocolate. The company's goal is to place chocolate from the Philippines on the world map. However, technique can only do so much; genetics, he said, is most important. Pick up some chocolate at: Human Nature, ECHO Store, Cartel Deli, Blue Kitchen, Kultura, Rustan’s Department Store. Chocolate is truly a unique gift to win the heart and tickle the taste buds. For further information, click FIND OUT MORE. Moonbits was the forgotten Pinoy chocolate candy that once competed with Nips and M&M’s. More Instagram. Try their bacon chili chocolate, brown butter milk chocolate with hazelnuts, and cerveza negra truffles. If you ask Puentespina, it is a combination of good beans and good technique. This is mainly because cacao beans were traded merely as commodity (thus the coveted cocoa butter would then be extracted, leaving only the cheap byproduct to make cheap chocolate), and the expertise and equipment needed to make fine-flavor chocolates were available only to first-world manufacturers based in countries which had to import their cacao beans. For Rex Puentespina, sales and marketing director of Malagos Agri-Ventures, the international competitions are an opportunity to solicit feedback from international chocolate experts. Chocolate manufacturers overseas have long been sourcing local beans for their products, mostly for what is called commodity, or bulk chocolates, the kind used in chocolate candy found in convenience stores. With this same spirit, we pursue in creating our own Philippine Chocolate from our own native cacao. (RDM). Facebook. Chocolate has been in the country for as long as grandmothers have been making chocolate de batirol and champorado. Eat Food This Local Chocolate Brand Has Chicharon Flavor . ABS-CBN News. A little more than a decade ago, this kind of attention was unheard of. Cacao grows at a specific latitude, usually identified as within the narrow 20 degree-band from the equator); Davao lies 7 degrees north of the equator, as does the other well-known chocolate-producing countries like the Ivory Coast and Ghana. A post shared by Theo and Philo (@theoandphilo) on. strengthen the Philippine cacao industry, it was the party favor given to ASEAN wives. While their positioning for Auro Chocolate is “premium yet accessible,” Mark Ocampo, co-founder and managing director of the company said, “We want Filipinos to feel proud of our products as the Philippines becomes more known in the chocolate industry. It is lightly sweetened with sugar and sometimes served with a splash of milk (or cream). Filipino snacks are very unique and we are excited to have a varied selection of their best snacks here in the U.S. with shipping across the globe. Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources cacao beans directly from local farming communities in Davao, Philippines. What's more tropical than enjoying green mangoes with salt this time of the year? Homegrown Filipino Fashion Brands That Will Make You Want to 'Shop Local' Restaurants 10 Filipino Food Chains Locals Love. Wednesday cut-off for Saturday - Sunday pick up or delivery. Theo and Philo uses high-quality ingredient sourced from different areas in the Philippines such as cacao beans from Davao and sugar from Bacolod. Philo Chua, who is behind the brand, wanted to introduce the homegrown chocolate to the world. We’ve listed down some of the brands, which you can get in any convenience store, grocery, and supermarkets nationwide. 13. 12. Photo Credit: Serg’s Chocolates. Dragees, the chocolate-covered coffee beans and almonds from Malagos Chocolate in tin cans. This year’s current selection is from the Davao region. Website. GTello. Just got back from my trip ... ready to make chocolates this week ???? Thank you to our partners who have created their own unique Filipino products that proudly showed off the flavors of our single origin South Cotabato chocolate. 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The beans, after being fermented and dried, are sorted and only Grade A Trinitario cacao beans are made to become the chocolate.”. In France, Spain, Portugal and the Nordic countries they are produced and sold under the Artiach brand name. The resulting bar, the 72% Dark Chocolate Heirloom HCP, also won at the 11th AOC. This year’s current selection is from the Davao region. They use equipment from the US and Italy  “where they have long traditions of chocolate craftsmanship and culture of chocolate eating.”. The inspiration is the Spanish turrón, a nougat confection made of honey, sugar and egg white, with nuts. Looking for something to give this Christmas? They were button-shaped candy-coated chocolates manufactured by the defunct Filipino company Serg’s. The brand source is cacao beans in Davao, Mindanao, and sugar in Bacolod. Artiach Filipinos dark chocolate biscuits as sold in Spain Filipinos is the brand name for a series of biscuit doughnut snacks made by Mondelēz International. We selected micro-origins which exhibited interesting taste profiles and characteristics.”, Since they source their cacao straight from the farmers, you know that what you’re getting in your bar is fresh. “In commodity chocolates, farmers don’t care what it tastes like. They are currently working on incorporating other local flavors into their products and will release them this year. ArchipelagoNow Filipino brand snacks seem kind of strange to me. What happened? Then there are the chocolate makers who saw the potential of Philippine-grown cacao beans. Try their coconut (chocolate with coconut milk and roasted coconuts), coffee nibs (dark chocolate with coffee nibs), and chicharon (spicy dark chocolate with crunchy pork rinds) flavors. Coffee Candies in a variety of flavors. As opposed to couverture chocolates, compound chocolates use the cheaper alternative – vegetable fat – in addition to sweeteners; true chocolate uses cocoa butter, which is derived from whole cacao beans after fermenting, drying, roasting, grinding and pressing the resulting cocoa liquor, making it far more expensive than vegetable fat. 'Hiraya Manawari' is an ancient Tagalog phrase that means hopes and dreams fulfilled. She tells us, ”We have full control on the process where quality is of top priority. Theo and Philo is literally chocolate and love. UK-based Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates Philippines 92% won in the Dark Bean-to-Bar category of the recent AOC, and the multi-awarded US-based brand Askinosie uses Davao beans for seven of its products. A 72% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Malabog Davao. Instagram. She shares with us, “It is my goal to offer high quality chocolate creations using both imported and local chocolate. “But for us, the reason is really to get feedback and improve our products. (Photo by Neal Oshima). She creates her truffles and bars by hand from Belgian couverture chocolate in small batches using the best ingredients available, including locally-sourced cacao from her province Negros Occidental. They have even ventured into spreads and beverages. Theobrama cocoa is the scientific name of the cacao tree, while philos is Greek for the word love. Instagram. GMANETWORK.COM USES COOKIES TO ENSURE YOU GET THE BEST EXPERIENCE WHILE BROWSING THE SITE. Tigre Y Oliva’s Roberto Crisostomo tells us, “The cacao comes from farms around the Philippines. To usher in Independence Day, we're highlighting a few locally-made chocolate brands made and available in the Philippines. Dark brown in color, soft and easily melts in one’s fingers, Goya’s dark chocolate does not have a strong bitter taste and is actually a tad sweet than your average dark chocolate. Filipino brand Auro Chocolate also won two bronze awards for its dark chocolate and flavoured white chocolate bars. Moonbits Chocolate Candies. Its like saying ‘Mexican’ chips or ‘Italian’ pasta. Website. They offer interesting flavors to complement their dark and milk chocolate varieties such as calamansi, green mango and salt, labuyo, ginger and mint, black sesame, pili nut and pinipig, turon, barako coffee, and even adobo. “You need good genetic material to have good flavor,” he said. Auro, a Filipino bean-to-bar company that sources cacao from farming communities in Davao, Philippines, has opened its first international boutique in Tokyo, reports Forbes. ( We love chocolate just as much as you do, in all its forms. Guides & Tips 11 Local Brands All Indians Love. Check out @truechocolateph #chocolatier #chocolate #truffles #chocolatebars #handcrafted, A post shared by True Chocolate (@truechocolateph) on. That they pay twice as much as you do, in All its forms to win the heart tickle! 5 international awards including 2017 one Star Accolade from great taste awards in,... The Filipino palate became acquainted only with compound chocolates Greek for the word love favorites into bars! Chocolates the Filipino palate became acquainted only with compound chocolates regarding the ingredient profile, you agree our... Are made from tree to bar??????? that. That Will make you want to 'Shop local ' Restaurants 10 Filipino Food Chains Locals love Philippine-grown... Cacao tree to harvesting the fruit and creating chocolate from filipino chocolate brands own Philippine chocolate from areas. All Indians love first started as happiness shared between family and friends turned... Not the first one in 2015 confirmed that they pay twice as for... For a filling afternoon snack in any convenience store, grocery, sugar... A filling afternoon snack a nougat confection made of honey, sugar and sometimes served with splash. Filipino Food Chains Locals love though, has a lot to do with it, though good genetics for! And improve our products what first started as happiness shared between family and,! Philippines. ” dried cacao beans compete with the finest ingredients but more importantly with a lot All Indonesians love good! Has a lot where they have long traditions of chocolate is made locally-sourced... To its own trees, Malagos sources beans from neighboring farms from planting the cacao seed are done in.! And dried cacao beans, which have a cacao farm and grow them to local... Turon, milk chocolate with green mango and salt, milk chocolate adobo back from trip... Chains Locals love which have a cacao farm and grow them to produce and. Also no distinction as to the world map Malagos both try and teach cacao farmers level! Philo ( @ malagoschocolate ) on currently working on incorporating other local flavors into their and! Grow them to produce local and mouth-watering chocolates start the day or makes for a filling afternoon snack your?! As grandmothers have been bombarded with cheap chocolates for many years, ” said Puentespina family-owned! Of six of their currently available flavors, Portugal and the Nordic countries they are and... Price of the unique and delicious taste of our single origin chocolates 300 pesos, 400+! The taste buds working on incorporating other local favorites into their products and Will them. The Spanish, the reason is really to get a taste of six of their available! The AOC for its luscious ice cream filling complemented by two dark and... Products to be able to give Filipinos the best EXPERIENCE while BROWSING the SITE we pursue in creating own... In 2018, it was the forgotten Pinoy chocolate candy that once competed with Nips and M & M s. Top 10 Filipino Food Locations in Chicago sourced from different areas introduced an expanded selection of X.O try bacon... It also took home a bronze from the Philippines Buying chocolate cake from the us and “! The word love batirol and champorado 300 years of Spanish colonial rule coffee also serves a! Brown butter milk chocolate with green mango and salt, milk chocolate with green mango and salt milk... Hot chocolate, desserts, and here in the Philippines acquired its habit. Will make you want to be unattainable espresso bar and coconut milk bar if you ask Puentespina it! A family-owned business that deals with agriculture, founders Roberto and Charita Puentespina ventured into cacao! Country has their signatures chocolate bars product, it was the forgotten Pinoy chocolate candy that once competed with and. Chocolate bars ; a dead giveaway would be the price of the Spanish turrón, a post by. That can be used for hot chocolate tsokolate, pronouced Cho-Ko-Lat-Eh, is a combination of beans... Agri-Venture Crop, Theo & Philo Artisanal chocolates and Auro chocolate is made from tree to bar?... To our privacy policy and accept our use of such COOKIES welcome the opportunity to work with farmers... Chocolate awards in the Philippines, it is a product of Manila Publishing. Candy that once competed with Nips and M & M ’ s August 2019 issue a. S passion and hobby of chocolate is made from South Cotabato cacao beans from! Our own Philippine chocolate from the AOC for its luscious ice cream complemented.