2002-S Tennessee State Quarter Gem Proof $2.99. The 16th most populous state in the nation, Tennessee is surrounded by eight other states namely Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. Oh, I sure love the state I'm in: The great state of Tennessee!" Pearl is the official state gemstone of Tennessee. Tennessee is home to a variety of fascinating minerals, all of which can make a worthy addition to a rockhounds collections. A Tennessee Bicentennial Rap: 1796-1996. Arkansas ^ Since 1983, Massachusetts has had 3 other official state rocks: State Historical Rock (Plymouth Rock), State Explorer Rock (Dighton Rock), and State Building and Monument Stone . From hearty mains to tasty sides, there is a lot to choose from, so to help you decide which foods to sample when visiting Tennessee, here is a list of 11 must-try dishes. Comunicación Social ^ Florida's state gem, moonstone, was adopted to highlight Florida's role in the United States' Lunar program, which landed the first astronauts on the Moon. Natural pearls come from many of the rivers in the state. Adopted in 1996 as the Official Bicentennial Rap song to provide a fun and easy way for citizens and students to learn and retain some of our great state’s history. The state’s capital, Nashville, is not only the largest city (as of … Tennessee’s Official State Gem – the freshwater pearl – is rarely found naturally from these living animals, but grown at the only freshwater pearl-culturing farm operation in the North American continent. 20 de enero, 2021 . Gem Clad Proof ~ Statehood Washington Quarter. Any Quantity. Whether you want to paddle, hike, or ride horseback, this state park in Tennessee … Nestled on 4,138 acres in McNairy County is a hidden gem full of stunning sights. Arkansas' adoption of diamond as their state gem, for example, is due to the state having the only public diamond deposit in the USA. On the other hand, Florida's state gem (moonstone) is not actually found in Florida. The museum provides a great educational resource by displaying specimens according to their classifications. Instead, its adoption is a tribute to the role that the state … tennessee state gem. 2002 S Tennessee State Clad Proof. I'll still take Tennessee! We do provide travel tips and FAQs for those wishing to visit our parks. By Joan Hill Hanks of Signal Mountain. The pearls in Tennessee are found in the freshwater rivers and streams flowing in the state and are a product created by the mussels that live in the freshwaters.